Sunday, May 14, 2017

Who we serve

Last month our family had the privilege of riding along with Kars on a few flights.  It helps so much to see in person what he does every day and be reminded why our family lives where we do.  

One of our stops was to pick up this dear co-worker.  If you read our newsletter, she is the one we mentioned in our newsletter in December 2016.  This is a woman of God who exemplifies perseverance and joy, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.  Although we were only scheduled to pick her up, we wanted to take the opportunity we had in her village to see her house.  

Walking from the airstrip to her house

Solar panels out front are her only source of electricity

She was so gracious to show us around her home

This is her "work room" where she spends most of her days,
working with local people to translate the Bible into their heart language.
She is an incredible testimony of God's faithfulness.
We brought her out to our town for a few months of working in town
Watching the airplane taxi and take-off

Almost home!  Looking out at the beautiful lake near our town.

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